Play by the New Rules

For those of wondering what the title of the post is all about, “Play by the New Rules” is the slogan of Microsoft India Development Center, Hyderabad. It is a place I have deeply fallen in love with, in a short span of three weeks since I joined there as a summer intern.

Ever since coming to IIIT, we used to get news of seniors getting internships/jobs at Microsoft and I always aspired to do the same one day. Getting selected for an internship was indeed a cool thing to happen. Although the idea of an internship at Microsoft was always exciting, never did I imagine that the IDC campus and the work culture over there would be so be amazing. Coming to work culture, I did not have that the faintest idea that people were so cool and informal at Microsoft. There is an atmosphere of casualness and friendliness in every walk of life. Be it addressing others person by their first names (instead of the regular Sir and Ma’m for seniors), cracking jokes and doing non-stop BC with one’s teammates or the fun-filled team meetings, everyone likes to have a good time at the office. One more important aspect that I like about Microsoft is that every single developer and tester is given due importance in a team. I really enjoyed my first team meeting when I was asked by my team leader to introduce myself to the rest of the 80-strong team. It really made me feel a part of the team. Again, it’s cool to see your team leader (a person the age of my father) to come to you and say a “Hi!”

Coming to the work part of it, I never anticipated that I would be made responsible for end-to-end design and development of a Microsoft tool that is actually going to be shipped in the next 3 months. No one could have asked for something better than this in a summer internship. Making use-case and sequence diagrams for the tool in MS Visio was something I really enjoyed. I never expected to use Software Engineering concepts just after dong the course. But the more I see the entire development process in Microsoft, I have to admit that there’s SE in every little bit of professional Software Development. I never realized the potential and coolness of Visual Studio before joining. Writings any kind of programs becomes such an enjoyable and painless experience with VS. Another striking factor about Microsoft is the highly organized way in which the corporation functions. It really feels great to be developing software which is used by the majority of world’s individuals and businesses. Microsoft’s tagline says “Your Potential. Our Passion.” That is what everyone at Microsoft is truly up to.

The campus has all the constituents of what a nice college campus should be. Two big cafeterias sporting LCD TV sets all around and a big projection screen where we get to see most of the IPL matches. The menu has almost everything on offering: Pizzas, Burgers, Pasta, Biryani, Chaat, Fruit Juice, chocolate cakes and brownies, etc. With Barista, Subway and Smoking Joes also offering their delicacies, one can never run out of eating options. It’s such a cool break from the IIIT canteen that I generally have my entire day’s food there itself. This description would be incomplete without the mention of the free cold-drinks and Cappuccinos available everywhere on the campus. I don’t ever seem to have enough of them. 😛

When you got so much to eat, a gymnasium is a must to keep you in shape. The campus has got not one but two world-class gyms to take care of the fitness of the employees. What’s working without a little play? Coming to the sports facilities, the campus has got plenty of them. There’s a pool, foosball and TT table on every floor. Inspite of no prior experience of playing pool before joining, my day at Microsoft never ends without an hour of pool. I also had the chance of playing lawn tennis for the first time in my life. The campus also got facilities for all major outdoors like Football, Basketball, Cricket, etc.

Getting this internship at Microsoft is one of the best things to have happened to me after joining IIIT. And a lot of credit for getting selected goes to IIIT which has provided me fine teaching and experience. IIIT has given me whatever a CS undergraduate in India can achieve. Kudos to IIIT and Microsoft!

P.S.1: “The statements I offer today represent my own personal views. I am speaking for myself and not on behalf of my employer, Microsoft Corporation.”

P.S.2.: My first post after a span of more than 1 year. Will hopefully be following this with some more rock posts

P.S.3: Weekends have suddenly become so relevant these days. 😀


11 responses to “Play by the New Rules

  1. really nice post 😀 … its a feel of joy and happiness when i read people writing about their dreams and seeing them coming true … keep up dude !! good luck .. and don’t talk about release dates.. it may not be a good idea ..

  2. This looks pretty great. I look forward to working there in September [:D]…

  3. Nice man.. Feels good after reading this post 🙂

  4. Maruti Borker

    nice man 🙂 .

    Njoi ur summer 😀

  5. well….looks lik Summer or ‘O8 is gonna be one hell of a time of your life…!!cheers for the well deserved opportunity man…!!

    P.S.1 Whats with the weekend relevance man??
    P.S.2 Cant help feelin envious about the free cappuccinos 😐

  6. Looks like Adi’s married to MS …. Bhaiyo ise vida kar do IIIT se [:P]

  7. Hi! Great to hear from some one from the place i’d be joining in another week. I’m full time employed at MSIDC and now report there as intern for my Final year project. Can you shed some more idea on the way your project for interns was done..?

  8. Hi Aditya…. guess you will be there for the Heavy Metal bloggers meet… great. This is a reminder and it will be great if you can confirm again by putting a comment on or mail me at anwin at indiblogger dot in or give me a call at 9880518019. Thanks

  9. heyyy………I am already bubbling with excitement after reading you post… going to join as an Intern this summer @ MS hyd……and I cant help but count the days when I complete this semester and leave for Hyderabad……cheers friend!

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