some divine guitar solos

I am sure that many of you won’t conform to my use of the word “divine” for these masterpieces of guitaring…but i’ve always felt something very divine, something very mystic about solos in these songs. Each time I hear to these solos, I feel more attached to them.

1. For the Love of God (Steve Vai) – this is one solo that i have truly fallen in love with… vai’s fuckin amazing!!!
2. November Rain (Slash) – the 2 solos in the song touch ur heart
3. Stairway To Heaven (Jimmy Page) – a classic in every sense
4. Comfortably Numb (David Gilmour) – this solo is one of the best psychedelic pieces i’ve ever heard
5. Blaze Of Glory (Jon Bon Jovi) – got an acoustic feel to it
6. Alive (Mike McCready) – a masterpiece
7. Black Star (Yngwie Malmsteen) – one of my favourites
8. Since I’ve been loving you (Jimmy Page) – Page has delivered it very nicely
9. Hotel California (Joe Walsh, Don Felder) – classic piece of twin lead guitaring
10. Floods (Dimebag Darrell) – very intense, dark and heavy…gud show of Darrell’s diversity
11. Knockin on Heaven’s Door (Slash) – melodious and soothing
12. Time (David Gilmor) – One of Gilmor’s bests
13. The Unforgiven (Kirk Hammett) – a touching piece
14. Wanted Alive Or Alive (Richie Sambora) – sambora makes an impact
15. Top Gun Theme (Joe Satriani) – probably one of the most identifiable solos… Satriani is the best!!

try hearing to the solos in these songs and fall in love with them….

P.S.: 1. this is not the list of my most favourite guitar solos. it would have been different.
2. havent been checking on the blogosphere activity for quite sometime… 😦
3. written two posts in succession for the first time 🙂


13 responses to “some divine guitar solos

  1. What about these?

    Alive (Pearl Jam)
    Brothers in Arms (Knopfler)
    Cocaine (Clapton)
    The End (The Doors)
    rystal Planet (Satriani)

  2. go to room number 94/95/96 OBH, ask them for tracks by this guy names Yngwie Malmsteen.

    Listen to what he plays, how he plays. and then please update this post of yours 🙂

    Its nice to see that people in the college are listening to Joe Sat and Steve Vai and Gilmour.

    PS: 94 = Arun B
    95 = Freaky
    96 = Trappy
    Basically, Insomnia

  3. I agree with you. I, too find a certain mysticity about these solos, especially ‘for the love of God’.
    Great going. keep blogging.

  4. Divine, well i find it divinish in case of a couple of solos like Comfortable Numb, Top Gun theme, Blaze of glory etc..
    Hmm.. mayb u cud av added hallowed be thy name ova here
    As usual, a lot of ’em went ova my head 😀

  5. Nice post … didnt listen to others except slash’s solo and hotel california

  6. @sankalp: thanks for the suggestion…crystal planet nd brothers in arms certainly deserve a mention…cocaine nd alive somehow don’t fit in my description nd i don’t like “the end” at all….

    @someone: ll definitly follow ur advice 🙂
    @aniket: true mann..for the love of god is a class above
    @karan: hallowed by thy name somehow doesnt fit here for me…
    @maruti: try hearin to othrs too 🙂

  7. I think have missed out some divine guitar songs solos ….!!
    as “nothing else matter ” . “constant crawling”…etc .!!
    but I guess most of the songs that you love ,I love too..!!
    “For the Love of God ” I like most …..!!
    nice post ..keep it up ….

  8. nice list pal……..i wish i could i play guitar 2 …….feels so cool!!!!!!

  9. @ abhijeet : What’re you wishing for? start learning the guitar…maybe then we could use you in our band, and together we all will play some equally mystifying tunes 🙂

  10. heyy dude….
    nice 2 c yeh after loooong…!!tho,i certainly luvd d blog(havin’ heard some of the songs u’ve mentioned…i totally agree 2 the marvel they are) i’d reali like 2 point out that ur blog is becomin somethin of a rock-guide…!!n tho,its obviously YOUR blog…; some of us(who aint dat much into ROCKIN) n who r more keen on knowin wats goin on in your life…!!
    no offence,of’course…!!

  11. Hey !! You have a great blog ! Don’t stop writing !

    You’ve left out Eric Clapton ! Wheres Joe Sat ??
    Everything else, totally awesome !! I love the lead of “Temple of the kings” by Rainbow.

    Peace !!

  12. Top Gun Anthem is by Steve Stevens and not Joe Satriani

  13. wat abt black magic women—-Santana

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