A tag post…

Having been tagged by Karan, I am hitting the blogosphere after a gap of nearly two months.

A living person whom i would like to meet : Slash – i am simply enthralled by his guitaring
A dead person whom i would like to meet :- its gotta be Alan Turing…for the genius it takes to invent the computation theory even before computer was invented
An event in the history I would like to change:- The result of World War II… i would certainly have seen Germany emerging as the winners
An event in the history i would like to witness:- atom bombing of hiroshima (obviously from a far aerial point 😀 )
A movie I would like to witness in real: The Sixth Sense (wonder what it ll be like to witness something as novel as that)
A literary character I would like to meet: mark antony (remember his funeral speech in shakespeare’s julius ceaser and his affair with the nymphatic Cleopatra) having read hardly ne literature, to make a choice for this question was actually easy.. 😀



2 responses to “A tag post…

  1. Really nice choices.
    So even u’r smitten by slash.. cool
    I gave a hard thought 2 the evnt in history u chose, before i settled for sthn else.
    haven’t read julius ceaser 😦
    Keep bloggin!

  2. Alan Turing…….kya choice hai baap!!!!!!
    Now its on you to take the above statement as satire or not 😀

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