The Road Ahead

All the past 6-7 years, I had only one thing in my mind. To get admitted in a good engineering institute and to secure a handsome job from there. The first feat has been achieved and in fair chance, the second will so be after 2 years. What next? This is the big question which has been intriguing me for quite sometime.

Before joining IIIT, I had never thought of doing anything else apart from getting a fancy job and earning a buck. Its probably the first thing which generally comes to anyone’s mind before going for undergraduation. Earning money is the primary objective behind getting educated in good colleges and universities. Same was the case with me.

But after coming here, I began to feel that doing a job straightaway after graduation might not be the best option for my career. People say that working in the technical stream can’t take one beyond a certain limit. So high one may get, one will still have to work under some managers. In the best possibility, one might be promoted to a manager’s post after a period of around 10 years. So, if a management position is what I will get after working for those many years, then getting into the management field directly seems a better alternative. Doing an MBA from IIMs, XLRI, FMS, etc. is surely gonna earn you a mind-boggling pay package and a chance to thrive and compete amongst the best in the corporate world. In the 2nd semester, I gave the option of doing an MBA after passing out from IIIT, a serious thought. It also happened to the placement season in the B-Schools at that time. Every second day, there was news of MBA grads raking in pay-packages upwards of 10-15 lakhs. The foreign offers were even higher and better. The lure of earning a big buck fascinated me. To add to the tale, 7 4th years of my institute got through the IIMs. All these factors were lucrative enough. Although I felt that I might not fit in the management stream, I believed that I can always mould myself according to the need of the time.

The 2nd semester was gone and so was the fascination of doing an MBA directly after graduation. During the 3rd semester, I had decided that I would opting for a job after graduating from IIIT. In the case of being unsatisfied afer spending a couple of years there, I would consider going for an MBA. This seemed quite justified as they say that it is better to have some work experience before doing an MBA.

Pursuing an MS programme was never on my mind. But comes the 4th semester, and my mind began searching into the possiblility of doing an MS abroad in any good university abroad. A interesting curriculum and good professors revived my interest in studies for the first time after coming here. I’ve really become interested in algorithms, database systems and theory of computation. This interest has begun transalating into the wish of pursuing research in any of these areas. To do research, there is nothing better than joining an MS programme in a good university abroad. Doing a job hardly gives the freedom to pursure your interests. But the biggest problem with thinking on these lines is that getting admission in any of the top 20 universities in the US is immensely tough. I was reading some blogs and I came to know that only one among six 9 pointers of the passout batch who had given GRE got calls from the top 20 univerisities. And this sole person had a strong recomendation of a Dartmouth College professor (who happens to be a visiting faculty member at IIIT) to strengthen his case and a GPA upwards of 9.5. Struggling around 9 does not put me in a very favourable position. It is also said that having a couple of publications in your name is almost a must to get through.

Basicalli I am left with four alternatives:

1) Get a job. Get going!!!

2) Supplement B.Tech with an honours program. Do some good projects. Prepare for GRE. Try to get admitted into MS directly after B.Tech.

3) Pretty much the same as 2nd. The difference being going for a job first and then applying for admission in the universities.

4) Get a job. Go for an MBA after working for an year or two.

After some introspection, I came to the conclusion that somhow I won’t fit into the management field. The technical stream is what suites me the most. Therefore, the fourth alternative is completely ruled out. All my life I’ve been thinking of what all I could do once I have self-earned money. But as far as going with first option is concerned, it might not lead to satisfaction somtime down the lane. Going for an MS directy would put my earning intentions on a 2 years hold. Wouldn’t that be tough? The 3rd option would give me a chance to have a bank balance before going for any future ventures. πŸ™‚ But going back to studies after starting to earn would be yet another tough decision to make. 😐 The lure of money might prove to be stronger than the yearn to do research. Morover getting admission into a good US university is definitely an uphill task. This leaves me in a severe dilemma over which path to choose.


11 responses to “The Road Ahead

  1. finally a post …
    hmm… all of us are in this dilemma ..
    as far as I know you ,
    u shud go for MS … nahin to Btech ke baad hi job karle …
    but doing Masters would be a better option…
    will have more career talks later…
    this time don’t take a month to write ur next post….

  2. Welcome back to the world of blogging …Adi u have penned dwn the thoughts wich torment our minds quite often..But lukin at many ppl,I would like to tell you that it would be really tough for us to come of the comfort zone of earning money and gear up for higher education..So I see only two options..go for a higher degree(eiher MBA or MS) immediately after our btech..

  3. looks like some SOP πŸ˜€ ….but well written..

    remember one thing…always go with your interest … money will come along..
    all the best!!

  4. ass.. how cud u write this “strugling at nine” :O

  5. the very thaught of our future after 2 years is bugging us all mann…only time can tell which path we will choose.

  6. Almost everyone in our batch is in the same dilemma as you.. Me too have interest in pursuing MS but am sure of not getting through to any good college with scholarship …so am in a pretty strange condition..

  7. the problem that exists with ppl@IIIT is that they set goals and define thresholds to achieve those goals.. (e.g. 9.5 GPA, 1400 GRE, 1 publication etc ) and then work towards crossing the thresholds..
    this method is not a good approach, since most often the thresholds are wrong.
    Here is an alternative approach which holds more promise..
    work on something which interests you most.. put in all your effort and try to produce results.. most times decent effort produces good results.. The most important aspect of this approach is that at the end of it, you’ll know whether research is what you want to do!
    Also, efforts+results => strong recos+good publications+ confidence (which clearly reflects in your SOP).
    Thus, you’ll probably have a strong case for MS/Ph.D admissions!
    All the best!
    Sharath (ug2k2)

  8. @ aditya :
    struggling at 9 ????? U are accused of a sacrilege to IIITia thinking standards :p
    Stop worrying urself right now pal !!! GO out here and enjoy life.U can start thinking in the summer πŸ˜€

  9. @chand – will write the next post soon πŸ™‚
    @deepti – thr r various issues involvd with directly going 4 ms aftr
    @boredom_strikes_again – pusuing one’s interests is fine but it may nt always lead to the right path
    @himank – u seem to be in a similar dilemma as me πŸ˜›
    @abbulu – thanks for the advice πŸ™‚

    @sharath – thanks for droppin the comment…twas nice to get a comment from the man who wud’ve got the best knowledge on the issue.. πŸ™‚ will keep ur nice piece of advice in mind…

  10. The second one, obviously! Money isn’t everything. Keep working hard.

  11. Nice Post.

    BTW speaking of myself I would rather like option #2 but due to some unavoidable circumstances I think I will go for #1. But still for you I guess #2 is the best option.
    Best of luck for your life. πŸ™‚

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