Spiky Baba in IIIT

In one of the latest developments in IIIT, the innocent yet cunning Abhijeet Pagare (a.k.a Paggu) was bequeathed the title of “Baba Pagare nath”…Though the concept of this celeb figure transforming into a baba may sound hilarious and even weird to most of you, it has gone down very well with my batch-mates and the popularity of “baba” has been touching new heights since the naming…lots of followers are coming to him to pay homage and seek his blessings….

It all started with the display of OS midsem 1 marks…living up to the expectations, pagare secured a whopping 32 out of 45 which saw his name being placed amongst the top of the class…achieving this was really a monumental feat…it was indeed a glorious and merry moment for him…if such be splendour of the occasion how could have we been left behind in celebrating it…he had his share of bumps in the night itself…this was just was a start and more was yet to come…and it came from none other than our very own entertainer, Himank…it happened that pagare was sitting beside himank and the “former baba” kapil bajaj…I and karan were just in front of them….in a true himank style, his innovative mind yet again came up with an idea which was gonna find profound following…he took the honourable title of ‘baba’ from bajaj and conferred it upon pagare…thence baba pagare nath came into existence…what a hell of a transformation it was!!! from a dude sporting spiked-hair to a baba….after the creation, it was the turn for some publicity…thanks 2 free sms service, baba became batch-famous in just a matter of minutes…the roars of “pagare baba ki jai ho” started appearing in the coming minutes…responses started coming from all around with mathur and harshita doing a symbolic feet-touching act….:P…as ever, baba’s trademark smile was still visible….and why should it not have been…after all, he was being bestowed with so much honour and respect…

there was still a lot left in store for baba…on the way back to his hostel room in NBH (sorry, I should rather say his ashrama-ghar), himank and vipul lifted the baba on their hands as a mark of respect…this shobha yatra of baba was no less by any means than any religious procession …baba’s followers were all pretty much excited and eager to do all possible acts of respect to baba…their enthusiasm which was evident in the roars and comments, was commendable…this journey eventually ended on reaching NBH…while we decided to meet again for lunch time at 12:30, baba’s roommate, chirag was asked to sincerely perform every possible service to baba in the meanwhile…

As scheduled, around ten of us assembled in time for baba’s yatra till OBH mess…the idea of getting his blessings in form of prasada was simply irrestible…ours was probably the most joyous lot going to the OBH mess…the mess was no exception as far the worship and the following of baba was concerned…every passer-by made it a point to stop and bow before baba in the desire for to seek his coveted blessings…as planned before, baba was lifted once again in the mess and the slogans “pagare baba ki jaya ho” and “pagare baba amar rahe” were shouted in full force by each one of us to care of people who hadn’t noticed baba yet…after baba’s bhojana was over, we led him back to his room because it was the time for baba to rest…bhajans and hymns in the name of baba have already been planned for the evening…in case anyone of you want to seek his blessings or advice, you are welcome to his room no. 47 in NBH…

Long live “Baba PagareNath”!!!!!


17 responses to “Spiky Baba in IIIT

  1. bhai aditya.. baba ke shabdo ko failane par tu is janam mein jarur janat jaayeg:D
    mein yeh platform istamal karke sabko keh raha hoon.. bhaiyon aur behno.. apne zindagi ko sawarne ke liye baba ki sharanon mein aa jao.
    maine baba ke blessings se os pariksha mein acche number paaye..

  2. Yaar a nice one.
    Pagare baba!!!!!!!!!!!
    he he 🙂
    vaise pagare baba ka appointment kaise milta hai??????????
    itne busy aur famous jo hai!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kewl post.Great use of words.Its the proud privelge of our insti to have such a divine soul in the campus.I hope baba keeps up the holy work he is doing.

  4. Hey missed a hell lot of action :(( in mess
    but lived the moment by ur post 🙂
    so expecting gurubhakti tonight with bhjans(like choupsy) 😀

  5. sach mein….maine kuch pal baba ki sharan mein guzaare hain aur un palon mein jo aseem anand maine mehsus kiya main woh bayan nahi kar sakta….
    bhagat janon baba ke paas bahut si siddhiyan hain…so baba ki sharan mein aao aur zindagi sukhi banao…
    jai Pagare Baba ki !!!!!

  6. yaar baba ki lila anmol hai…
    baba ka status msg yahoo pe anmol hai…
    baba ke pravachan ka to kehna hi kya…
    baba ke upar likhi gayi post ke postman ko jannat nasib hogi…

    aur to kya hi kahun…

  7. pagare baba ki jai ho….noone rocks harder than this baba…..most definitely we will be seeking the appointments for his counsel…on the worst matters of life….afterall his descent has been for fruitful purposes…so why not grab this opportunity with the outstretched hands……..” jor se bolo ‘ baba pagare nath ki jai… ‘…

  8. okay so finally the “baba” sayzzzz……words coming straight from the heart of the “bhopali” baba:: firstly in order 2 worship the baba u gotta b fully convinced dat “os” is a fukin pathetic subject and dat i scoring marks in it was purely co-incidental…..or may be d x-babas “baba chand dev” and “baba kapil” inspired me……or mayb d animals of the cellar “hathi” , “bhalu” , “kutta” intimated me , forcin me 2 stay in my room………and not to mention my fruity roomy chikku with his open eyes at night scaring the hell out of me…….or the fatta bond and the fatta bon of first floor compelled me to do it.
    And i’d like to thank the ever so lazy mr.aditya who wrote the first blog on “baba”…..atleast the baba forced him to get over his laziness and finally induldge in some activity……..also babaz blessings envoked a lazy ass to start a blog…….gosh…baba is aussum.

    So if you completely believe in babaz ideology and hav the guts to be what it requires to b a baba – bhakt:::go ahead.

    For all the dedicated “bhakt-jans” , herez how baba lives his life

    baba sayz : drink beer
    baba listens : we dont need no education ,fuck the system.
    baba dances on: ari-ari , yeah.
    baba sings : nisultana
    baba headbangs on : chopsuey , last resort.
    baba sports : a random spyks
    baba wants : khamba , addha kuch bhi chalega.
    baba playz : cricket , pool.
    baba hangs-over 8 : 238-obh.
    baba loves : alizee
    baba got : a D in itwsI.
    baba dies : ** **** ***.
    baba hates : fukin os.
    baba worships : baba kapil.

    in words of “shi***”….JAY BOLO BABA KI……

    On a serious note : thanx to the guy i spoke yesterday.

  9. bhai adi to jannat le gaya bhakt jano ko baba paggunath ka parichya karvake.Well,nice use of wrds.good goin dude

  10. Very well written post….U just made me relive those happy moments again wen i ws touching the feet of our great baba.N one correction it ws not me n vipul who lifted him…It was me n PK… you can’t take the credit frm PK…

  11. nice post thr, i jus wish i would hav been thr when u ppl lifted him in front of library …. well hope BABA’s blessings are with me …
    ur writin style jus inspires me 🙂
    waitin 4 ur next post

  12. I think baba is now more famous than Mokka ( remeber 1st yr ).

    I am thinkin of writin a baba software which will help all his worhsipers to worship him rite frm his room 😉 /

  13. Well as baba so generously says .. he has bestowed his blessings on one aalsi..which led to his blog on him…

    i hope he keeps inspiring others!(thr is no dearth of
    aalsees .. 😛

    Way to go adi ..with this speed and enthu u r soon to join the big bloggers of UG-2…
    I am sure Sanket is waitin for uuuu !!!!

  14. :O

    Be careful 😉

  15. hey..dat was a hilarious 1…though i knw u guyz wud have had a hell lot of fun….i think u shd start a buk on ur “happening life at IIIT” ..who knws u bcme chetan bhagat 2….

  16. dis ws an awesum 1 adi….2ooooooo guuuuuuud!!r reali makin a gud writr dude..quite modernist 2…kp rockin…m sure u can nw write anothr ONCC…or FPS….
    oh…n hw i wish i cud pay homage 2 err…baba…plz ..do cnvy my regards…k….gud job…kp goin…

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