Terrorism redefined…

Yet again, this date of 11th September brings the terrifying images of blood and destruction to our minds…The date has been a witness to the most horrifying act of terrorism till date….This time it was the turn of the mighty US to be struck by the monstrous face of terrorism…What a blow to a nation as powerful as the US which almost considered itself invincible!!! The terror act revived the fact that no power is impregnable….

The history says it all….Be it the reduction of indomitable pre WW2 Germany to ruins by the combined forces of the Allies or the humiliation of the USA at the hands of a humble but committed Vietnam in the Vietnam war of the seventies, time has shown at regular intervals that no state or empire should commit the mistake of considering itself invulnerable….Although there is a hell lot of difference between the objective and the plan of action between those wars and this act of terror but there is an underlying similarity between the two which generally goes on unnoticed…Any kind of power of power which starts growing out of bounds will be challenged and curbed…Perceive the above two seemingly different modes of action in this light and you can easily notice the similarity….

Terrorism is condemned across all sections and regions…There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so but we have to be more thoughtful while deciding upon what should all should qualify as terrorism….Should we define terrorism as our governments and politicians ask us to??? Is terrorism a rage against certain nations and ethnic sections or is against the whole humanity as a whole??? After giving a little thought to the above questions, it is not hard to agree upon the fact that our pre-conceived notions regarding terrorism are not fully justified…We are spoon fed with these notions by the likes of the powerful nations like the US and the UK…If terrorism is hailed as a war against humanity, the inhuman deeds of the US which came out in open during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq make it appropriate to call it a global terrorist….who can ever forget the massive bombings in Afghanistan and Iraq which led to a thousand innocent lives being sacrificed and the atrocities bestowed by the US military personnel upon the war prisoners in the Abu Gharib prison??? Placing the above nations under its military rule and establishing puppet governments there and giving open support to Pakistan which is undisputedly the largest supporter of terrorist outfits like LeT and JeM vindicates the referral of the US as a political terrorist….

It is ironic to note that the US is also regarded as the most liberal nation in the world… It turns out that the US gives all kinds of liberties to its citizens while putting constraints on the rest of the world at the same time…. Such hypocrisy lies at the heart of the policy-making of the US… Putting sanctions and forcing NPT on developing countries like ours only goes out to confirm the above statement… Americans are big paranoids about security and don’t bother stooping so low as to discriminating people based on their religion and ethnicity….There have been numerous incidences of people sporting a turban being suspected as terrorists…Won’t you call all this ‘terrorism’??? They are cunning enough to hold people belonging to a certain religion responsible for all major terrorist acts, overshadowing their acts of terror in the process….Ironically, they always find an excuse for their deeds in the phrase “The war against terrorism”…(the person who came out with the term must be a genius at diplomacy)

Terrorism affects each of us in some way or the other…And with this problem of terrorism getting more complex by the day, it is a must to identify the causes of all kinds of terrorism and devise measures to counter it in an effective manner…it’s both our individual and collective responsibility to do so…So, from the next time you hear the word terrorism, just spend a moment thinking about what it really means…

PS: This post reflects the personal view of the author and by no means refer to the official view of any organisation whatsoever. No offence is intended to any person or community.



3 responses to “Terrorism redefined…

  1. well.. interseting thots.. nd one is bound 2 agree vid a lotta points ya make.. d 1st thing is dat one needs a defination of terrorism.
    Noe wat.. d TOI had shown some intrstin facts which point 2 d US thmslvs havin ngineered 9/11 in ordr 2 av n xcuse 2 attack afghanistan
    Whr ver those bastarts ven India was reelin under a massive spurge of terrorism in d 1990s ? as u av said.. it jus shows their hypocracy ( also evident in d way d suppot Isreal )

    Neways.. very well written!

  2. Hi people!
    I’m a new member here and I like this forum, I think its a good and a reasonable forum with ejucated people. Terrorism is the use of power agains civilians to achive a political goal. But I must say that nothing has really been acomplished yet in the war against terrorism.

  3. jawad hey hey

    Hi, i am very interesting to jion those poeple who exsplore like this topic.I totaly hate those who commit crimes againts humanity and againts religion.Those who commit like this act of violence must be pinalized .they should know that Islam is a religion of peace and tolarance.All of us should arm ourselves and work hand in hand to raise the consciousness of people,and to reject those who break the laws.

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