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how many have you been put off at the thought of listening to an english song just because you could hardly get the lyrics of the song … it becomes more of a comprehension practice rather than music if you put all your energy in trying to understand the lyrics….and i’m quite sure that most of us are lazy enough to actually search the lyrics on the net….here’s an amazing solution for all of you facing similar issues…i luckily found this software named “Evil lyrics” while surfing some 10 days ago…. the link for downloading “Evil lyrics” is:

it turned outta be a very convenient and user-friendly software which automatically searches lyrics for the currently playing song in your favourite media player….it integrates seamlessly with most of the popular media players like Real player, WMP, winamp,etc….the best thing about evil lyrics is the karaoke tool….it displays the lyrics for most of the songs line-by-line in a small text box as they are being played ….incredible…isn’t it??? it’ll hardly take any time before you realise that reciting and learning songs was never so much fun….
Instructions for use:

1) download the zip file…while installation select the media player you intend to use….

2) to fetch the karaokes, press the down arrow near the hand-lens tab on the main toolbar of the program and select “fetch karaoke”…select the ‘abc’ tag if you want the lyrics to be shown in a text box

3) be sure to properly tag your tracks i.e. specify the title and the artist of the song in its ID3 tag

4) install winamp even if you want to use Real player with evil lyrics….


3 responses to “Lyrics download software

  1. yeah .. thanx be 4 introducin us 2 such a neat software
    for all readers: Evil lyrics does rock!

  2. Ya dude u r rite this software jus rox [ 🙂 ]. i got it installed rite when i saw karan usin it. keep bloggin n i hav followed ur advice . hav a look at ma blog….
    thnx for ur sincere suggestion …

  3. Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! o1OomZ1pYTpB

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