Nightlife at IIIT


Don’t get misguided by the deceiving title of the post….this nightlife is neither flamboyant nor one which can be bragged about….but it is certainly vivid in its own right…each time one hears the term “nightlife”, the colourful image of discos and pubs come 2 one’s mind…well this might be true for people dwelling in some celebrated colleges but 2 a IIITian, the term has an entirely different meaning…its different to the general nightlife in hyderabad in entirety….its not about shaking a leg and celebrating with a bottle of champagne at a happening pub of the city but it is about spending the time at the hostel or the campus in one’s unique way…..

If you thought that the nights are meant for sleeping, I fear that you are seriously mistaken…..As a matter of fact, hardly anyone in IIIT hits the bed before 2 am in the night….in fact the clock would already have already struck 3 or 4 by the time most people realize that sleeping is also one of the deeds to be performed during the night….defying all conventions of nature, some people don’t find the need to sleep during the night at all!!! Though it may it may sound very unnatural and bizarre, it is a fact…

Ours being an engineering college we are expected(or perceived) to be computer geeks….but I would rather use the term “computer addicts” for my college mates….nights are meant to be free….its a fact that most of the people out are hooked to their computers for most of this free time….computer is a versatile device and the IIITians make the maximum use of this fact….socializing gaming and home entertainment…this helluva thing can be used for all….i don’t think it’ll be much of an exaggeration to say that computer systems are the key to IIIT’s nightlife….for all social creatures, there’s our very favourite yahoo messenger to satisfy our socializing needs (they say that “man is a social animal”)…hours long chatting keep people busy at nights…..and when the air is of socializing , how can one forget to mention ‘orkut’…this is one of the favourite pastimes of IIITians…and what better time than the night time can be used for “orkutting”….infact yahoo messenger and orkut make a deadly combo which is used very effectively in night time for all kinds of socializing….next comes blogging, the newly found obsession of my fellow IIITians….believe it or not there seems to be a rage over blogging at the place….a quite big number is already into blogging and this number is growing by leaps and bounds….well blogging requires ample amount of time….and the nights seem to be the best suited for this need…nights are probably the best time for the gamer community at the institute….people spend sleepless nights (only to end up sleeping in the classes ) playing the ever so addictive “age of empires” and counterstrike….well movies are a major contribution in making the nightlife more lively….thanks 2 LAN and DC++, countless titles are at our fingertips …it’s a popular saying here that one gets to see more movies in IIIT than his entire lifetime …music fans utilize nights by turning on their speakers at the top of their volumes to give themselves a thrill by lending an ear to their favourite rock and party tracks…..

Hey wait!!! if u have started to believe that the nightlife at IIIT is all related to computers in some way or the other, u need to give urself a break…. the nightlife does not end at computers…there’s a lot more to it…a large part of the night time is spent roaming around the campus, gossiping and pulling each other’s leg or maybe just in sipping a cup of coffee …night turns out to be the best time 4 the lovebirds to spend some time together in ‘closeness’… 😉 but what if someone’s not in a mood to go out but still wants 2 catch up on gossip and stuff??? that’s hardly a problem…..just find a friend’s room….. spending time chatting or just idling at a friend’s room (popularly termed as ‘bc’) is one of the most popular phenomena that takes place at nights….while it may seem to be a sheer waste of time by some, most people justify ‘bc’ by stating that friends are what college life is all about….need anymore justifications?? probably not…

in a nutshell, there’s something meant for every IIITian which helps him/her in spending the nights in an enjoyable manner….well….this describes the nightlife at IIIT in the most apposite way according to me….my sincere apologies if I missed upon any particular thing…..:))



12 responses to “Nightlife at IIIT

  1. A very good account of IIIT’s night life. Worth of being published in some magazine… atleast in IIIT’s Magazine. Mag club should be happy… they are always short of articles.

  2. so u av ur 1st comment.. nd boy u av rocked big time! 🙂 a real good idea 2 come up vid dis nd a neat collecion of thots! Good goin..

  3. nicely written … well composed …. really a good piece of work …. keep writing
    i think u missed one thing … playing cricket/BBall on the Basket Ball court ….

  4. Good one adi!
    Expect more of these from u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Adi !!!!!….. Really a very thoughts abt iiit nightlife….This is ur second post… unbelievable….keep it mannn…

  6. Hmm . a nice post abt IIIT . i agree wid turbo this shud be posted in IIIT Mag 😉 .Anywayz u forgot to include programmin ( Most of the Topcoder are @ nite 😀 )

  7. Well adithya..sry to b posting a comment so late on ur post..coz of reasns best known to u.. Altogether a nice post a vry exciting topic and also written vry well

  8. hey ..gr8 job done “adi”, never knew u were so gud at it..luking fwd to more of ur gr8 work..

  9. hmmm…now dis 1 is cool adi…i think if u cud write a li’l longr…u cud’v actuali cum up wid anodr “one nite @ IIIT”..:P….newa…i dunno if twas vry accur8…bt twas a vry,wat i’d call,picturesque n vivid dscrptn of ur…err…”nites”!!i mn,reali…kp goin dude…u r makin a fine blogger olrdy!!

  10. Hey Aditya !!!
    Good one yaar, and i must say u have a good sense of observation !!!
    Almost everything included and so neatly presented……
    Eagerly waiting for ur next blog !!!
    keep on blogging for people like me who have nothing better to do !!! 😉

  11. Whoa .. All this time we have been complaining that Hyderabad has no night life..we forgot aur own college!!

    It takes a blog like this to show us things we see but dont observe.. Hats off to Adi !!!

    Keep up with this enthusiam and you will soon get rid of one of your many tags … if you get my gist.. :-p

  12. it is waste of time so go on doing ur work

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