A quick guide to ‘rock’……..

Finally a blog for me….sounds great…huh!!!….i had always been fascinated by the concept of blogging….but this fascination had just been limited to reading other’s blogs and posting comments on them…i attribute this delay in comin up with the 1st post on my blog 2 primary reasons. First there was this lack of zeal from within and second i just cant decide upon a topic 2 begin with…while all this was goin on….it just occurred 2 me that it might b a gud idea 2 start off with one of my passions viz. “rock music”….so I decided upon sharing some vital nd basic knowledge abt the various popular rock bands of all time…

rock music can unarguably be termed as the most followed genre amongst various kinds of music…people from all around the world are rock enthusiasts….its mainstream popularity lies in the youth….

Rock and college life have a deep connection….almost everyone wants 2 give it a try…..so this is my humble effort 2 help both fans as well as non-fans 2 provide them some information about rock….i have compiled a list containing a brief info about most of the popular and successful rock bands till date….

1.) METALLICA – easily d most popular metal act in the history….

Look out for: intense drumming, heavy vocals and melodious guitaring

Genre: Heavy metal / Thrash Metal

Years Active: 1981 – present

Members: James Hetfield – vocals, rhythm guitar

Kirk Hammett – lead guitar

James Newsted – bass guitar

Lars Ulrich – Drums

Popular tracks: one, master of the puppets, fade to black, the call of ktulu, for whom the bell tolls

enter sandman, sad but true, the unforgiven, nothing else matters, I disappear,

the memory remains, fuel, unforgiven II, turn the page, no leaf clover, st. ange, battery, hit the lights

2.) NIRVANA – became world famous in a short span of 7 years…noted most for the frontman Curt Kobain, one of most celebrated persons in the rock history…there song “smells like a teen spirit” was hailed as the voice of the youth in the nineties…

Look out for: sensational vocals and song-writing by kurt cobain

Genre: Grunge / Alternative Rock

Years: Active: 1987-1994

Members: Kurt Cobain – vocals, guitar

Krist Novoselic – bass

Dave Grohl – drums

Popular tracks: smells like a teen spirit, lithium, about a girl, rape me, heart-shaped box, all apologies, pennyroyal tea

3.) PINK FLOYD – one of the rock music’s most successful and influential acts, they are noted for philosophical lyrics, classical rock compositions, innovative cover art and elaborate live shows.

Look out for: soul-lifting solos, psychedelic tracks nd a huge variety of non-stereotypical music

Genre: Progressive rock / Psychedelic rock

Years Active: 1965 – present


David Gilmour – lead guitar, vocals

Nick Mason – drums

Richard Wright – keyboards

Roger Waters – lead vocals, bass guitar (left in 1985, rejoined in 2005)

Popular Tracks: Another brick in the wall, comfortably numb, high hopes, money, wish u were here, coming back 2 life, time, money, mother, have a cigar, shine on u crazy diamond, Arnold layne

4.) LINKIN PARK – the most famous and successful amongst the new set of rock bands…. they are identifiable with a larger section of music lovers than any other rock band….

Look out for: contemporary rock music, rapping

Genre: nu Metal / Rapcore

Years Active: 1996 – present

Members: Chester Bennington—lead vocals

Mike Shinoda—lead vocals (rap), sampling, emcee, keyboard, rhythm guitar, samples, and beats

Brad Delson— lead guitar

Dave “Phoenix” Farrell—bass guitar

Bob Bourdon—drums

Joseph Hahn—turntablist, samples, DJ

Popular Tracks: in the end, somewhere I belong, numb, faint, one step closer, points of authority, papercut, crawling, numb/encore

5.) IRON MAIDEN – one of the most successful and influential heavy metal acts…. their mascot “Eddie” which is considered 2 b the most iconic mascot in music history…

Look out for: high speed vocals, catchy riffs, unique twin leaad guitars sound and definitive heavy metal music, energetic live performances

Genre: Heavy Metal

Years Active: 1976 – present

Members: Bruce Dickinson – vocals

Steve Harris – bass guitar

Dave Murray – guitar

Adrian Smith – guitar

Nicko McBrain – drums

Janick Gers – guitar

Popular Tracks: the number of the beast, the wicker man, run 2 the hills, hallowed by thy name, fear of the dark, killers, murders in the rue mourge, powerslave, 2 minutes 2 midnight, aces high, sign of the cross, the trooper, afraid 2 shoot strangers

6.) GUNS N’ ROSES – an American band which gained worldwide fame in the late eighties and the early nineties….

Look out for: impressive modulations in vocals, sensational guitar solos and riffs….

Genre: Hard Rock

Years Active: 1987 – present (though the lineup contains just one forming member)

Members: Axl Rose – lead vocals, piano

(classic lineup) Slash – lead guitar

Duff McKagan – bass guitar

Izzy Stradlin –rhythm guitar

Steven Adler – drums

Popular tracks: sweet child of mine, november rain, knocking on heaven’s door(cover), don’t cry, paradise city, welcome to the jungle, the godfather theme

7.) BLACK SABBATH – hailed by many as the definitive heavy metal band, Sabbath was placed 2nd in VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock”…also known for its frontman Ozzy Osburne, who is the richest person in the rock history….influences numerous heavy metal bands

Look out for: screaming guitar solos, distinct vocals, lyrics concerning horror and expressing mental anguish

Genre: Heavy metal

Years Active: 1969 – present


Ozzy Osbourne – vocals

Tony Iommi – guitar

Terrance “Geezer” Butler – bass guitar

Bill Ward – drums

Popular tracks – paranoid, NIB, war pigs, iron man, never say die, war pigs, crazy train

8.) LED ZEPPELIN – the highest selling rock act in the US till date….they are regarded as the pioneers of the hard rock and heavy metal genres….they were placed on the top of VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock”…

Look out for: diversity in music….hints of folk and jazz…..use of keyboards and mandolins

Years active: 1968 – 1980

Genre: heavy metal / hard rock / blues rock


Robert Plant – lead vocals, harmonica

Jimmy Page – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin

John Bonham(deceasesed) – drums, percussion

John Paul Jones – bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin

Popular tracks – stairway to the heaven, whole lotta love, heartbreaker, since I have been loving you, Kashmir, dazed and confused, the rain song, communication breakdown, black dog, baby I m gonna leave you, rock and roll, black dog

9.) AEROSMITH – one of the best selling and most popular rock bands

Look out for: melodic riffs, tyler’s scream, hint of blues

Genre: Hard rock

Years Active: 1970 – present


Steven Tyler – Vocals

Joe Perry – Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Tom Hamilton – Bass guitar

Joey Kramer – Drums

Brad Withford – Lead/Rhythm guitar

Popular tracks – dream on, walk this way, dude looks like a lady, angel, love in an elevator, janie’s got a gun, what it takes, the other side, livin’ on the edge, cryin, crazy, amazing, deuces are wild, falling in love, hole in my soul, pink, I don’t wanna miss a thing, jaded

10.)BON JOVI – a mainstream American band that has achieved worldwide success and is followed in various parts of the world….

Look out for: popular rock music 2 suit a large section of music fans….nice 2 start off rock with…

Genre: hard rock

Years Active: 1984 – present

Members: Jon Bonjovi – lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Richie Sambora – lead guitar, backing vocals

Tico Torres – drums, percussions

Dave Bryan – keyboards

Hugo McDonald – Bass guitar

Popular Tracks – its my life, livin on a prayer, you give love a bad name, always, wanted dead or alive, bad medicine, bed of roses, blaze of glory, I’ll be there for you, keep the faith, lay your hands on me, everyday, say it isn’t so

11.)EAGLES – the most successful country rock band…their album “Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975” is the second highest selling album in the US music history….

Look out for: tender ballads and soft country inspired songs…some feel good music 4 ur soul…

Genre: Country rock / Rock

Years Active: 1971 – 1982, 1994 – present


Glenn Frey – rhythm guitar, vocals

Don Henley – drums, lead vocals

Bernie Leadon – lead guitar, banjo

Randy Meisner – bass guitar, vocals

Don Felder – lead guitar

Joe Walsh – slide guitar, lead guitar (replaced Leadon in 1975)

Tim Schmit – bass, vocals (replaced Meisner in 1977)

Popular tracks – Hotel California, best of my love, one of these nights, lyin’ eyes, take it to the limit, new kid in town, heartache tonight, love will keep us alive

12.)CREED – one of the best selling rock bands of the late nineties and early 2000s….

Look out for: typical post-grunge music, philosophical lyrics, and heavy vocals

Genre: Hard rock / Post grunge

Years active: 1995-2004

Members: Scott Stapp – Vocals

Mark Tremonti – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Brian Marshall – Bass guitar

Scott Phillips – Drums

Popular tracks – with arms wide open, my sacrifice, higher, weathered, one last breath

Some of the other famous bands which are not featured here include The Doors, Megadeth, Panteara, Deep Purple, AC/DC, U2,  dire straits,  Coldplay….I ll try 2 introduce these as soon as possible…

Thanx for spending ur time on reading the post….Please share ur suggestions and criticism by dropping a comment….. I hope u found something or the other useful in it…..keep “rockin”!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. hey cool one dude,gr8 info abt the rock music ,gud job and keep blogging,atleast i ll be the next one to start a blog jus taking u as role model:-)

  2. Hey so finally huh ……….
    Though I am not an ardent music lover(esp rock music)appreciate the effort gone into this post because you very pretty giving in terms of the facts and lots of info loaded in too.Thankfully it wasnt greek n latin because I have heard to atleast 2 of the bands you mentioned in the list[:)].Keep blogging!!!!

  3. nice way 2 start-off blogging adi………following ur heart….rock that is……..good for you…….As far as d post is considered , some nice info u have there…….but I was expecting a post on something in which you actually express yourself…..hopin that from you in the next post………keep blogging.

  4. hey dude.. so finally u in here.. happy bloogin!
    Nice information.. I didnt noe dat bon jovi were so popular
    Neways I hope u write a post on football clubs soon 🙂

  5. Well finally u r here….Welcome to the blogosphere
    This ws really informative looked as if i ws going thru an encyclopdia of rock….
    Nevr knew abt korn,nickelback had heard abt Eagles but never knew that they wer this succesful……

    But ya i too agree with pagare…expected something else frm you…..
    Would like to appreciate the effort you put in it….This wa real research not like he copy paste i did in the post i wrote abt SACHIN

  6. hey lazy ass…. Finally u started blogging….
    chose the best topic 4 ur first blog…. considering that u r the major force behind our(TB) craze 4 rock….
    Nice info…. I hope I remember sum of the stats …

    now from Baba Chand Dev’s Desk…

    vats tumhe aapne naye safar main kaamyabi mile … aur tum aur bade bade post likho
    aur tumhe main Baba ROCK dev ka title deta hoon….
    khoob jamega rang jab mil bathenge teen yaar Baba Chand Dev,Baba ROCK dev aur
    Bagpiper mineral water ……
    keep blogging adios……

  7. hmmmm…now dat was criusly “SO ADI……..”….i mn, k,…m nt being judgmntl in d least….i mn…hnstly dude…d effort is commndabl…u’v reali told us ol dat v need 2 knw abt rock muzikkkkkk…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….but in UR PRSNL BLOG!!get real man…..v cum 2 c ur blog 2 knw abt u…nt rock!!!:-X….

    k adi….m sorry 4 posting dis commnt on ur 1st blog…but yeah….its reali cool….n its reali….ummmmmmm…cant think of an adjctv…so basicly…”its so u!!!”:-D….
    waise…i reali appreci8 d effort 4 popularising rock muzik…..i mn, U R 1 DEVOTED FAN,DUDE!!gud goin…kudos…..

    bt remembr…nxt time…..v wan U…………wat say ppl??

  8. nice post dude !!!! ….. there was a neat bit of information there . must be a major A grade fan of rock !!! ….. keep the rythm going on

  9. Awesome work dude !!! very informative for those who are new to this rock culture .. nd one question dude hw do u classify these bands to hard rock grp or soft rock grp ?? keep bloggin !!

  10. hey yaar ….. congr8s 4 finally stepping into d world of bloggin vid a brief guide on rock music . i think dis blog really brings ur innnermost feelings abt rock music . Dis post vil add nu flavours in d rock culture of IIIT . hope 2 c dis post on iiitbuzz soon .
    hope u continue bloggin dis ve in future & enlighten us & d most imp thing — ” Blogging will help u overkum ur laziness “.

  11. hi adi… congrats …
    bout the post i must say that u hv done a lot a research work in this field
    yaar ur post was just rocking dude…. thanx to u that i came to know bout these bands some of them i didnt even knew!!!
    neways keep up the gud work….!!!

  12. Hey,Thnx 4 d info on rok.I’m also thinkin 2 start listnin 2 rock dese days n i think i hv got enough info 2 start.I’ll download all d songs mentiond by u 2day itself.Nice job don.Keep up d work.

  13. oye u haven’t mentioned The Calling… Rob Zombie and RATM…

    oh yaa…. u haven’t mentioned Rammstein as well…

    Good Blog nonetheless…. 😛

  14. In the kiosks of blogspot, my roomie , adi tht of getting a seat . He chose a good topic to start with . The world of rock is amply great and alluring . I allude that this amateur blogger had put in his soul and heart to write a beautiful article . He amalgamated all the great rock stars in his blog in such a concise manner that if u go thr them u will have a feel of rock . we must accredit n accolade his work , at least I do .
    His sinister smile reflects that he is ready with his new blog .
    He must ameliorate his writing skill . and he is competent of doing this .
    as a souvenir we have kept his name Adithya … pehchan kaun 🙂

  15. OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ………… shit yaar adi !!!! u also started bloggin………you know u r no. 1 “alsi” in TB , and me 2nd….and u started bloggin ,isliye
    ab to main pakka tp alsi ban jaoonga !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit mannnnnnn

  16. Here comes another comment for our rock-loving geek aka aalsi aka Mr.sophisticated Aka…. the list is simply too long… 🙂

    Good news for all the rock fans of IIIT.. here is ur encyclopedia on rock.. gud way to begin ur blog ..just follow ur heart what else??? 🙂

  17. quite informative ( at least for me ) ..
    keep up !!!!!

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